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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
Anyone know what I can do with wood ash? 24 Annah Rachel
Monica Truong
Food is stuck in my cast iron pan...I read I should put water in it and boil it, but won't that... 20 Annah Rachel
Leigh Tate
Do you wear sunscreen when you're working outside?
[ 1, 2 ]
64 Annah Rachel
Douglas Alpenstock
Question for people living in a suburban area: Do you let your cats outside? 37 Annah Rachel
Michael Fundaro
dogs and cats
What can I do with the food I can't compost?
[ 1, 2 ]
48 Annah Rachel
Sharol Tilgner
Can oyster mushrooms be grown in cold temperatures? 9 Annah Rachel
Rj Howell
Are there any easy-to-follow DIY instructions on how to build solar panels? 9 Annah Rachel
frank li
Using coconut oil as a face moisturizer? 16 Annah Rachel
Romi Rawat
Where oh where can I buy farmland for under $50,000?
[ 1, 2 ]
47 Annah Rachel
Jon McGee
permaculture real estate
Green roof or metal roof? 25 Annah Rachel
Sean Rauch
natural building
Are there colleges that have majors in permaculture? 18 Annah Rachel
Renate Howard
looking for a good book about cob and earthbag building 13 Annah Rachel
uma kirkwood
earth bag
make own mouthwash? 13 Annah Rachel
Kat deZwart
Permaculture in Ecuador? 4 Annah Rachel
Hansel Bierjardin
south america / central america / mexico
Composting used tissues? 5 Annah Rachel
Jeanine Gurley Jacildone
Anyone in Mexico need volunteers? 1 Annah Rachel
Jungle Girl
south america / central america / mexico
Vegetables in a food forest? 7 Annah Rachel
Nick Garbarino
African dance music? 9 Annah Rachel
Peony Jay
Permaculture topics for a school Botany project? 3 Annah Rachel
Brad Davies
Organic insecticide? 22 Annah Rachel
Annah Rachel
Is it okay to use a Douglas Fir in hugelkultur? 2 Annah Rachel
Mary James
Couple questions about Masanobu Fukuoka's The One-Straw Revolution. ... 5 Annah Rachel
William James
masanobu fukuoka
Wouldn't there be too much carbon for hugelkultur to work? 1 Annah Rachel
tel jetson
Any of you know anything about the permaculture major at Cal State Stanislaus? 2 Annah Rachel
Annah Rachel
Can mushrooms grow in cold weather? 2 Annah Rachel
Devon Olsen
Why can't all plastic be recycled? 13 Annah Rachel
marty reed
Anyone know anything about the Agriculture Studies + Permaculture major at CSU Stanislaus? 0 Annah Rachel
Annah Rachel
Do any of you do ceramics? 6 Annah Rachel
Dale Hodgins
Natural alternative to ibuprofen? 16 Annah Rachel
Jonathan 'yukkuri' Kame
medicinal herbs
I live in an area with high rainfall. How can I maintain and improve the soil fertility without... 6 Annah Rachel
Nicolai Barca
Pear tree guild? 5 Annah Rachel
Aljaz Plankl
Have you seen this documentary about building with earth? 8 Annah Rachel
Annah Rachel
natural building
How does one become an environmental activist? 1 Annah Rachel
Ken Peavey
meaningless drivel
Poop in a bucket - youtube video 0 Annah Rachel
Annah Rachel
meaningless drivel
Seeking permie friends on the Olympic Peninsula! 12 Annah Rachel
Matt Walker
North American School of Natural Building? 2 Annah Rachel
Annah Rachel
natural building
Cold frame question 8 Annah Rachel
Brenda Groth
WWOOFing in Mexico 1 Annah Rachel
Lee Morance
south america / central america / mexico
What kind of job could I get pertaining to permaculture? 5 Annah Rachel
Paul Cereghino
Is there anything I can do with a bunch of small rocks? 7 Annah Rachel
Brenda Groth
wood ash in compost? 7 Annah Rachel
Annah Rachel
How do I know I have enough clay in my soil to make a cob oven? 1 Annah Rachel
Pat R Mann
Have any of you built an herb spiral? 0 Annah Rachel
Annah Rachel
Can I build my own water catchment system? 6 Annah Rachel
Matthew Fallon
Anyone know of any FREE permaculture classes in WA? 1 Annah Rachel
Kelda Miller
What are some edible perennials I could plant? 6 Annah Rachel
George Lee