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Rocket Stove that runs a generator, produces gasoline, runs a fridge and heats hot water

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Location: climate zone 6b
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I think this is my new Rocket Stove project.

do we have any scientists in the house? can anyone follow this burn cycle?

This proof of concept is the most efficient wood stove on the planet it will make gasoline run a generator and a propane fridge, heat hot water and your home at the same time. this system works on any dry organic material.

There are multiple ways that a gasifier can be built and function each one produces different amounts of different elements. The gasifier in the truck gasifier build video is a thermal cracking unit that reaches a high enough temp over 2000 deg. to crack the molecular bonds in the gases that pass through the reaction zone. So it separates things like water molecules into HHO gas, and CO2 into one part CO and a free O, the free O binds with a carbon atom in he burn zone becoming another CO.The O separated from the H2O binds with a carbon atom in the burn zone becoming CO, so the main composition of the gas produced is two parts hydrogen 3 parts carbon monoxide. Now when the gas is burned in the engine the 2 hydrogen’s bind with an oxygen molecule and becomes H2O and the CO also binds with an oxygen and becomes CO2 both of which can be re-fed into the reaction chamber and turned back into gas creating a almost closed loop system only requiring air to be supplied.

Remember when you watch the video we are not judging the way the rocket stove is built but the proof of concept of making SynthGas/bio crude oil and creating a loop system.

I am interested in what people think about using a Rocket Stove to break wood into other usable fuel molecules.

When i draw up the way i will build this unit i will build it to PROPER Rocket Stove specs and obviously it wont be metal.

Here is the source of the DIY info : D.I.Y. Wood Rocket Stove that runs a generator, produces gasoline, runs a fridge and heats hot water at the same time

What i am looking for from the community is how would you build your rocket stove synthgas/biocrude oil unit and how to make this system run as a closed loop and run equipment like a generator, refrigerator and other items?
Posts: 613
Location: ontario, canada
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That's awesome, this guys invention could save the planet. You have to be careful with awesome stuff like burning water, turning H2O in HHO etc. They don't want us to achieve 100% efficiency or free fuel, That's why aldoph diesel died and that's why they confiscated nikola tesla's work when he died.

This guys stove is awesome, but its too awesome. This simple DIY technology has been around for decades, but you won't find one of these stove gas generators for sale, because the elite don't want this greatness in the hands of civilians. They want you to be dependant on fossil fuels so they can get rich on their oil cartels and businesses.

This genius of a man needs to be more careful with sharing his ideas, and who he shares them with. That's what happened to adolph diesel and the guy who invented the GEET engine.
Posts: 4154
Location: Northern New York Zone4-5 the OUTER 'RONDACs percip 36''
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F Styles : After typing this and re-reading it I should have just deleted it and let someone else point out the most obvious comparisons to the Petrochemical

Industries and ask is this a good path !

If this is a path you choose to follow - go for it! Especially if you can produce your own Initial Bio-mass Fuels in a sustainable way. Good luck, be careful,

and try not to attract too much attention to yourself !

Same videos without the hype see link below :

The 411 on this is , there is no Rocket Stove here at all ! We have a hot wood fire below a sealed barrel of Bio-mass that then gets cooked in a Oxygen Deficient


The initial product is usually called wood vinegar and contains lots of water and a wide assortment of condensible ''Wood gases" !

The next step is actually an identical process ( though crudely done in the videos ) Of Fractional Distillation. A.K.A. Thermal Cracking ! This is the exact process

that oil refineries use to produce/ create ALL the various blends of 'Distilates' that fuel the worlds economies, Your Diesel/Aviation Fuels, Gasoline Home heating

products and Propane/Butane !

Remember that crude oils were found in Pennsylvania over 160 years ago, Fractional distillation has come a long way since! Also the root word ''still'' should serve

as a clue where the original Technology game from !

Also worth noting is the fact that when the Price of Crude Oil is listed They only mention the sweet crudes, those from West Texas (West Texas Intermediate )

And Brent Oil ( Basically the area between Scotland and Scandinavia ) Other oils are not sweet and do not get the premium price, some are selling for less than $15

U.S.D per 42 gal barrel !

While I have no objection to my neighbors operating the equivalent of a one man petrochemical refinery for himself and his immediate family , It must be

remembered that You are destructively burning Wood Group A, in order to drive off the wood gases from wood group B, so your waste is already above 50 %

This is not an enterprise that lends itself to Clandestine operation, and anyone attempting this in a residential neighborhood will quickly find themselves visited by

The Department of Making You Sad !

Again, good luck Big AL

F Styles
Posts: 455
Location: climate zone 6b
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Thanks for the input Al.

"and try not to attract too much attention to yourself ! "
come on Al? me attract attention?

i would like to get back to the point of the thread and that is to use a rocket stove to crack the fuel out and separate it so i can use it in different ways other than just heat my home with it and would love to hear from other people as to their thoughts and ideas on the same.

if i can separate all the fuels out and use them all as close to 100% as possible in different areas then i am still using all the stored energy in the wood just in other areas and that to me is a much needed plus. i think that the only thing in the video that was not used was the Co2 and i know i am burning efficiently in my RMH and i have Co2 left over.

remember i stated above in the original thread, not to look at his stove or the way he built it but to examine the concept and how we can do it with a rocket stove and capture as close to 100% of the stored energy.

points of the thread to stay on topic are:

1 building a rocket stove to crack and separate the fuel.

2 what is the best way to do it efficiently?

3 what uses of the separate fuels can we use it for?

Thanks for the input John.
F Styles
Posts: 455
Location: climate zone 6b
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Al i know you dont know me but i have run the dept of make you sad off my property. see there is a big sign on my front gate that says there is nothing on this property worth dying for. at my previous home the last code enforcement officer that came to my house, i poked my finger on his head and said come and take it. i give the shirt off my back to anyone that asks and my community loves me, but everyone knows not to disrespect me because good or bad i treat people like they treat me x fold.
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