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Royals with Machine-Slaves

S Bengi
Posts: 2721
Location: Massachusetts, Zone:6/7, AHS:4, Rainfall:48in even Soil:SandyLoam pH6 Flat
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We have all this automation/machine-slave/technology and people still cant have somewhere to sleep without being a slave to someone else.
With all these slave-machines everyone should have a home that they own vs slave away to live in.
We should be able go outside once or twice a week and tend+harvest all the food we need for that week
A few fish, eggs, fowl, milk, and maybe red meat. Vegetables, root crop, fruits, and nuts/seeds/grains.
Solar panels should provide us with our energy and rainwater catchment/well should give us our water.
These basic needs should be on met onsite, given all the machine-slave that technology have given us.
but still we have people with 50yr slavery-mortgages
starving because they cant find someone to slave away to.
and dieing because they cant find affordable nutritious food to buy even after slaving away.
This is an injustice
we have centralize housing in the hands of a few banks, centralized food to a few companies.
we are too dependent on other for our most basic needs
we are being led into slavery
and we aren't even giving up our freedom so that we can work in a field that we enjoy
most of the times, people don't really love their job and the conditions that they work in.
but we must have gotten something in return for the slavery that we have sold ourself into.
instead of now having the freedom to explore art and sense
we now look for things to not think or be aware of our pitiful state.
we turn to anime, videogame, slapstick comedy, alcohol and brain-depressants
couldn't we have found enjoyment in other ways without slaving away.

or perhaps we are social creature and thus slaving away is an inescapable characteristic of being social like the worker bee and ant.
I understand that people need to be social
but does that have to be centralized
cant we have round robin style house parties
vs going to a hall
cant we have round robin food tasting vs going to a restaurant.
does social gathering have to be centralized.
even education does it have to be centralized teacher-centered
vs permissive student-centered learning
we have somewhat given students in college the freedom to pick what they want to learn
cant we do that to younger adults
we have enough technological tools and ad-hoc system to make it work
why aren't we working towards such a system
Would much prefer the decentralized art studio when compared to the centralized MFA
even better yet if most people were creating their own art and showcasing it with our machine-slaves (the internet) and at local festival/events/meetup/farmers market/art market.
A big fan of people being less removed from what they enjoy.
and being more creators of what they live vs just consumers.
create your own cooked meal vs going to a centralized McDonald as a consumer.
create your own short story vs watching centralized anime
create and enjoy your own sex vs just watching centralized/exploitative/slavery porn
for 99% of the stuff it should be decentralized and done at home with the help of our machine-slaves
we shouldn't just consume electricity we should also produce some on our rooftop with solar.
it should be less decentralized and more home scale production.
esp given the fact that we now have robot slaves to all live like kings and queens.
but still we suffer and live less than dogs and pigs
all this pain and hurt, centralization and subjugation, control and slavery.
but it is possible that people love centralization
and pain and hurt and subjugation and control and slavery and superiority and inferiority
the would rather have the system with the 1% hope that they can rule it all
than have no hope of being the ruler and giving everyone one equality.

In conclusion
Would like to see a world where fathers and mother have basic physical needs taken care of
where the children can go to school and get an education
Instead of kids having to work 12hours shift at age 7 in a mine/sweatshop/field.

Would also love to see those needs being met with our robot/technology-slave in a decentralized way at the homescale so that there is less concentration of power and corruption and human exploitation/slavery.

Would also like to see adult/mother/father have basic physical needs met by robot/technology slave so that they can spend their time in self-directed academia exploring and finding something new, combining different models/studies/theories, etc
or maybe these adult can just spend their time creating whimsical art/sculptures/music/sports/poetry/stories/games/etc, all without being forced to do

Burra Maluca
Mother Tree
Posts: 11447
Location: Portugal
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Well as permies.com is supposed to be about finding better solutions to such problems, can we think of anything better than 'robot slaves' that would help move things in the right direction?
You would be much easier to understand if you took that bucket off of your head. And that goes for the tiny ad too!
One million tiny ads for $25
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