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I am in my fourth year of college for my undergraduate degree, majoring in Biochemistry, and I will be graduating in May 2019. Permaculture is my passion, and I intend to gain hands-on experience in permaculture and make the world a better place! It's time enough to stop being angry at the bad guys and get to work making a new world!
At the moment, I am currently looking for farms, intentional communities, and ecovillages that I could be a part of, so that I can get hands-on experience and practical knowledge of permaculture.
Greater Houston, TX US Hardy:9a Annual Precipitation: 44.78" Wind:13.23mph Temperature:42.5-95F
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Recent posts by Dave Burton

Yesterday, I tried my hand at sketching with pencil again. I am slowly finding that what the book I am reading said about "drawing helps you see things for how they really are" is kind of true, because I think what makes drawings look more realistic is that they have that attention to detail to what it going on, not what I think is going on. I've still got a long ways to go, but I am learning.
20 hours ago
Because I'm at college now and classes are ramping up, I am now reading three books:
-The Omnivore's Dilemma (anthropology)
-Longitude (foresty)
-Wild Fermentation (for fun)
1 day ago
Hi Corrina! Thank you for sharing news about this wonderful opportunity to the permies.com community.

I have recently sent you an email about how I am very interested in your caretaking/work exchange position!
I made some soft-boiled eggs, which I am trying to ferment.

The left jar uses liquid from my first batch of fermented hard-boiled eggs from 1/11/19. I also finished eating the rest of those fermented hard-boiled eggs from 1/11/19, and they tasted great, today!
The right jar uses liquid from my no inoculation vegetable ferment from a month-long ferment. I tasted that today, and it was a bit less interesting in flavor than the one inoculated with yoghurt. I tasted mostly of salt and didn't have as distinctive of an earthy aroma as the one that was inoculated with yougurt.

My fermentation experimentation may have to slow down soon as my classwork gets more ramped up in how time-consuming it gets.
1 day ago
I made a random beats loop, and I made a graphic for it with Processing.

This is my journal entry from yesterday, and I was trying another attempt at crosshatching.
2 days ago
Playing Dungeons and dragons with my friends at college
2 days ago
I played around more today and came up with a spooky sounding melody by accident

So, today, I tasted three ferments:
-the two-day fruit ferment of dates and bananas from 1/11/19: this one tasted awesome! The dates had a nice gooey slightly airy texture from fermenting and salty sweet flavor. The bananas were nice, too- salty and sweet as well.
-the two day egg ferment from 1/11/19: the eggs tasted just like salty eggs, and they were nice and moist, too, which I really liked. I'm going to try the rest of the eggs in this jar tomorrow to see how they taste after three days.
-the month long fruit ferment that was inoculated with yogurt: this was practically the same as the one inoculated with kombucha- kinda bland and flavorless. It tasted mostly of salt.

I refed the bacteria in the kombucha inoculated two-day date and banana ferment- this time with only dates (far left jar).
I refed the month long fruit ferment that was inoculated with yoghurt- this time with a bunch of grapes and a couple dates (far right jar)
I made a new jar of sweet peppers inoculated with a couple of rocks from the month long fruit ferment that was inoculated with yoghurt (middle jar).
2 days ago
Oh, fun thing! Also, I think aloe vera could work as a soap kidn of thing if you need/want it. I prepared some aloe vera to eat this Winter Break when I was back in Houston, and that thing was slippery. So, there's probably a lot of saponins in that, too. As for the eating, it tastes like water and is kind of slimy to eat. I found it rather tasteless, but I did not mind the slimy texture. So I guess I might be fine eating snails and slugs when the occasion arises.

Now, getting back to topic, I have been pooless and soapless for my entire body and hair, except for my face and hands, for I forget how long. I think it's been two or three years, maybe longer??? But anyhow, my skin and hair have been mostly fine. My hair is a little bit oily, and my skin is a tad dry. But these may be more of things with nutrition that I am figuring out. I'm currently finding a balance point, after having been quite extreme about fasting for a few months, I am now eating one meal a day of pretty good food- salad greens, eggs, as best quality saturated fats I can, as best quality meat I can, little bit of fermented foods, and a little bit of fruit (every other day).

As for smell, I have been described by people as "smelling human", and people who have really good noses describe me as "sweet-smelling or fruity smelling". They tell me that I don't smell bad or good, but that I just smell natural. And the people with really good noses, I guess this may be my personal pheromone that I produce.
2 days ago