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I am in my fourth year of college for my undergraduate degree, majoring in Biochemistry, and I will be graduating in May 2019. Permaculture is my passion, and I intend to gain hands-on experience in permaculture and make the world a better place! It's time enough to stop being angry at the bad guys and get to work making a new world!
Greater Houston, TX US Hardy:9a Annual Precipitation: 44.78" Wind:13.23mph Temperature:42.5-95F
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This was brought up in The Permaculture City. The simplest method is to unscrew the pipes beneath a sink and drain it into a bucket. Then, empty the bucket by hand to the plants that need it. One of the things Toby Hemenway mentioned about this method was that it gets you more intimate with your garden and plants, because you will be visiting them with spot treatments every time the bucket is full. And the best way to save resources is to not use them, so, the bucket method improves awareness, because, well, you're gonna  know when the bucket is full, one way or another!
2 days ago
In order of who I like as Doctor:
1) Tom Baker (b/c of the wit and well-done dialog)
2) Matt Smith (b/c, well, super cute, gotta love his face!)
3) David Tenant (good character arc)
4) Peter Capaldi (good character development over time)
2 days ago
I love paper books. For some reason or another, I remember things that I have read in paper better than anything I have read electronically. And there's this tactical thing, too. I like the feeling of touching a book and turning the pages, and I like that it has some kind of smell. All of these qualities give the book a certain "presence" that I do not get with e-books. I also find it harder to focus when reading an electronic book than with a paper book. And I never have to worry about my paper book running out of power. I can just read it by the light of the sun or turn on the lights when the sun goes down. Ok, trying to describe the presence aspect better. Paperbooks just have a "presence" for me, which gives some kind of credence to its ideas, well, kinda like the difference between talking with someone face-to-face versus over phone or by text. That's more of my difference in response to having read something in paper versus in electronic form.
3 days ago
Any recent updates from anyone on their thoughts about insect farming and eating on insects?
3 days ago
I do wonder if maybe a cooperative of sorts, landtrust, ecovillage, or some sort of many people working together and sharing the finances would be interested in purchasing your property. Because the amount of land and price is most definitely going to hard for just one person to handle.

Edit: Expanding on this idea, maybe there could be a scheme like 95 people contribute $10,00 each or 950 people donate $1,000 each or some other variation or some range of people/money/time ratios. I'm not entirely sure how this would work, but there is probably a way (or multiple ways) out there to make it easier for this property to move into hands that can be trusted to keep it running and make it an even better place more awesome place as they become the new stewards/owners.
3 days ago
Awww, yeah, I do think it is very adoreable as well!
1 week ago
Hiya Peggy! Welcome to permies!

I don't know much about setting up hydroelectrics, but since you have lots of knowledge about horses, I'm thinking you could probably make some good money teaching classes about horses!
The first things that come to my mind are:
-what do I like to eat that could grow in my area?
-what could I grow in this area that is considered a delicacy in my region(as delicacy or rare foods would make a lot of money?
-what grows in my area easily (so that I have a surplus to trade with others to get other foods that grow better in other people's property)?
1 week ago
Hi Ashley! This is exciting hearing about your new land and your plans for it! Thank you for coming out here to permies to share your adventure with us.

I look forward to watching your site develop and grow!
1 week ago
I think the Cornell Cooperative Extension would be an awesome resource for people and makes a good example of how to spread good information.

They have these awesome brochures all over their website:
Sheet Mulching
Rain Gardens
Home Composting
1 week ago