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I am in my fourth year of college for my undergraduate degree, majoring in Biochemistry, and I will be graduating in May 2019. Permaculture is my passion, and I intend to gain hands-on experience in permaculture and make the world a better place! It's time enough to stop being angry at the bad guys and get to work making a new world!
Greater Houston, TX US Hardy:9a Annual Precipitation: 44.78" Wind:13.23mph Temperature:42.5-95F
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Recent posts by Dave Burton

I think this is worth discussing.

How do you all know that you are being impacted by stress, anxiety or grief? And how do you deal with it? Do you get physical manifestations of your grief or stress, too?

My voice is kind of the central essence of being, and I have found that this is where my body manifests physically my stress, anxiety, and grief.
I found this out two years ago. This was a year after one of my family members passed away. A year after they passed, I had trouble using my vocal cords and fought o even speak for about a year. Then, I must have finished grieving internally, because I eventually got my voice back for another year. Now that I am finishing college, approaching the adult world, and facing the challenges of being myself and doing what I believe is right and decent for myself, despite how different it is from society, I am struggling to speak again. My voice does not want to be available.

Another manifestation of my internal emotions physically are my eyes. After I had finished therapy for anxiety and depression this last spring, there were so many more emotions to be felt and a whole new depth to the world I had not felt before. And empathy became stronger, too. This summer, there were a few mass shootings, and I heard about them constantly on the news. First, I had burst into tears after hearing news reports for a couple days, and then for about a week and a half, just one of my eyes was constantly leaky and shedding tears. And that was how my body was expressing the grief I felt about these events. One half of my face was always wet.
6 hours ago
I thought this was a pretty nice video about a couple of young Navy veterans using van living as a way to avoid getting into debt for housing in San Francisco.

7 hours ago
So, been reading the $50 and Up Underground House, and Mike Oehler made some comments about floor materials and how they affect the human body. I agree with his remarks, because in my experiences going minimal and walking around barefoot, I find soil and earth to be the most comfortable for walking, and I find things that aren't soil to be uncomfortable. I find walking on soil to be comfortable, like mike Oehler has said, because the soil gives some to my feet as I walk on it. Soil doesn't pound me back. And I think he is correct in his analogy, too; walking on hard surfaces that aren't soil, like concrete or stone or wood, is very similar to pounding your face against a wall- it is painful and causes problems.
7 hours ago
So far, I have been doig no shampoo or soap for I think two years (maybe going on three, I don't quite remember), but my results have been similar to as in the podcast. My hair is a little oily, but it's just right. To people who have been around me, and in particular people whom I have been on romantic dates with, I have been described as "the most human smelling person" they have been around. They have not described it as bad or good, but just that I smell "human". I don't smell like I have been modified by anything. Now for people who have extremely sensitive noses, like dogs, I have been told I have a slightly sweet fruity aroma, which these particular people say is the smell f my pheromones.
"What would people say?" is such a tough thing to deal with, and it causes a lot of anxiety and fear.  I wish I could say I have a thick skin, like Sepp Holzer or Paul, but I'm mostly just doing my best to ignore the looks from other people. It's still hard to not want to just run away, because I still get little reminders from people that "you're not normal" and "you're doing things differently from SOCIETY". As there are still people who have not seen the things I do, and so there's still a fear that I'll have to endure another comment, another look, and that still hurts a bit. But I am glad that Sepp Holzer works to help people overcome that fear in their farming and shows farmers there is another way. That one phrase just resonated with me. And in Desert or Paradise, Sepp Holzer did mention about not living in fear; that's a difficult thing, but we're working on it.
Feeling a little excited and optimistic about the future!

1 day ago
Waking up to my heel being healed. It was hurting for awhile, and it just finished repairing itself last night while I was sleeping.
1 day ago
I'm not sure if it is just me, but both on the offline downloaded version of Podcast 144 and the online listening version, the last half hour-ish appears to be empty/static. Wonderful discussion, just thought this might be useful to know.

Jason Hernandez wrote:At the end of the day, I am going to need some modicum of income to buy those things I cannot produce myself.

I think having friends, good neighbors, and a supportive community might decrease one's "need" for income to get things one cannot produce themselves.
I don't know why such a small moment makes me so happy, btu at work today, I was waved at by a guy at the library I have a crush on, and I waved back at him! And he even spoke to me, in passing, how I was doing, and I got to greet him likewise! :)

And I started reading the $50 and Up Underground House by Mike Oehler, and I love the style and attitude that Mike writes with. He kind of has a similar tone to Bill Mollison, which I very much enjoy!
3 days ago