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Recent posts by Cheryl Loomans

I have the softest cotton yarn in a lovely neutral color and decided it must become a hat! I used one of videos linked here and was very happy with the results.
2 weeks ago
I love this! Even if you don't have an event near you I don't see why you can't simply mend on a park bench. It's sure to strike up a conversation with others.
1 month ago
Hello my name is Cheryl and I too am a shovel breaker. The last shovel I broke was about 9 months ago and I am embarrassed to say that the head is currently garden art in my garden. I do however have plans to create a new handle because I really miss having two working shovels (so does hubs)
1 month ago
A kitchen apron has been on my sewing list for a few months. I followed a tutorial which I adjusted slightly to cause a better fit for my figure. I added a pocket center front large enough for pen and paper or phone. The materials used were a light weight cotton canvas (orange) and the higher quality quilting cotton (green lining) from my stash. I joyfully top stitched in a bold green cotton thread.

Here is the link to the tutorial I used.
1 month ago
I performed a wellness check on the chickens before I travel back to my home state later today.

There were some leaves and green bits in their water. The wind from overnight blew the cover off the food.

Their eggs have well forned shells and a lovely eggy shape.

An inspection of the coop area showed some chicken wires protruding up into the convas cover - I witnessed a chicken relaxing on top of it earlier in the week so I pushed all the ends down.

There was no signs of extra digging around their shelter of fenced in yard (thanks in part to Lavender their great pyrenees)
1 month ago
I learned how to clean nesting boxes this morning. Chickens have some crazy laying habits lol
1 month ago
My sweet niece has been collecting the chicken feathers as they molted and she let me create a feather duster with her collection. (I gave it to her to keep after I made it, she wants to add more feathers as her collection grows!)

Thank Nicole for the suggestion of wrapping the feathers more - I used some cotton thread I had in my bag.
1 month ago
I would like to introduce you to  Colonel, Lane, Xeno, the Twins, Popeye. These beautiful ladies are my sister's chickens. They are free range in her fenced backyard and thankfully prefer laying in their nesting boxes. I collected 20 eggs over 4 days.
1 month ago
Pressure washed the back porch of slim and chicken poo the porch measures about 25 feet by 12 feet.
1 month ago
Visiting my sister in Texas who has chickens! As you can probably guess she was EXCITED to teach me all about her chickens and more than happy to let me clean her coop while she gave me directions.
1 month ago