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Bethany Paschall Badge Bit Submissions

PEP Badge bit submissions by Bethany Paschall

BBs submitted for nest - sand badge
Sweep a Floor
Oil Wooden Kitchen Utensils
Grease Hinges
Make Rags From Old Clothes
Clean an Area Rug
Get Whiter Whites Without Using Chlorine or Bleach
Do Laundry By Hand
Wash Dishes by Hand
Clean an Oily Dish Without Soap
Manually Clean an Oven
Deep Clean a Couch or Chair
Clean Four Windows, Inside and Out
Clean a Kitchen
Clean a Bathroom
Wash Dishes by Hand
BBs submitted for Food Prep and Preservation - sand badge
Make two loaves of bread
cook soup, stew, pottage, or chowder
Fry an egg on a cast iron skillet
Bake a pizza
Salt brine ferment/pickle something
Cook Grain on a Stove Top
Pickle something in vinegar brine
Water bath canning
Cook Grain with Rocket Stove and a Haybox Cooker
Cook Grain with a Rice Cooker, Crock Pot or Instapot
Cook Grain with a Solar Oven
Cook a Stir Fry
BBs submitted for commerce - sand badge
Perform some sort of labor over the internet and get paid
Develop a possible residual income stream
Perform some sort of labor over the internet and get paid
BBs submitted for foraging - sand badge
Cup of tea
Make 4 lbs of seed balls/bombs
Prepare a dish
BBs submitted for dimensional lumber woodworking - sand badge
Make a sign
Simple beginner bird house
Lay 10 sticks for decking
BBs submitted for round wood woodworking - sand badge
carving spoon from hand tools
2 coat hooks from a small branch crotch
Club style mallet from hand tools
Dry peg coat hooks in green wood
Compound mallet from hand tools
BBs submitted for natural medicine - sand badge
Make a dandelion root decoction
Dry lemon balm for a tea, infusion or decoction
Harvest, Dry and Store Rosemary
Make a Peppermint Leaf Infusion
Make a Yarrow Leaf or Blossom Poultice
Dry fennel seeds for a tea, infusion, or decoction
Make rosemary infused vinegar
Make a Yarrow leaf or blossom infused oil
Make rosehip syrup or gummies
Make a yarrow leaf or blossom salve
Make a mullein tincture
BBs submitted for tool care - sand badge
Sharpen a Hatchet
Sharpen a knife
Sharpen, clean and oil a shovel
Make a handle
BBs submitted for textiles - sand badge
Quick darning
Woven basket
Crochet or knit a dishcloth
Make twine
Quick darning
Sew a small pillow
Sew a patch
BBs submitted for community living - sand badge
Brand a location
prepare & clean up a basic meal for 8 people
Make and install public art
BBs submitted for animal care - sand badge
Collect a Dozen Eggs
Make a Brush Pile
Clean Out 4 Chicken Nest Boxes
Put Out Straw in Winter for Animal Warmth
Train an Animal to Eat Treats
Plant 200 Seeds for Hummingbirds
BBs submitted for oddball - sand badge
PEP Badge: Oddball
PEP Badge: Oddball
PEP Badge: Oddball
PEP Badge: Oddball
PEP Badge: Oddball
PEP Badge: Oddball
PEP Badge: Oddball
BBs submitted for homesteading - sand badge
Create or Restock a First Aid Kit
Repair a Window Screen
PEP BB - Supply Work-site with Safety Gear
BBs submitted for rocket - sand badge
PEP BB rocket.sand.jtubewater - Boil Water on a J-Tube
Start up and Cook on Rocket Cooktop
Build and Cook with a Dakota Stove
BBs submitted for plumbing and hot water - sand badge
Clean/Decalcify a Shower Head
Clean/Decalcify a Faucet Aerator
Set up a Downhill Water Siphon
Replace a Faucet
Repair a Toilet Seat/Lid
Set up a Downhill Water Siphon
Install an Instant Bidet
BBs submitted for woodland care - sand badge
Drop 6” to 8” live standing tree with a bow saw
Prep 10 junkpoles
Repair 24 feet or build 12 feet of junkpole fence
Felling a live tree with a chainsaw
BBs submitted for earthworks - sand badge
sealed pond test
BBs submitted for electricity - sand badge
Install a permanent DC light fixture
Install a 12 volt DC Outlet
Small DC only solar system
BBs submitted for gardening - sand badge
Chop and Drop