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capitalism, gift economy and prices that are too damn high!

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Yes they do, in exactly the way you describe, I was simply pointing out the irony of "my time is worth treasures while your time is worth cents" thinking, and how we end up treating eachother due to this being the social norm......

My belief is that my neighbor is not there only for me to take advantage of, and I would prefer if he were not looking for a way to get one over on me....

The far simpler thinking of "our time is worth treasures" OR "our time is worth cents" would result in more respect for our fellows and ourselves than the current system of doing bad things to people to get more for your time.....

Most of all I see unmeasurable humor in the fact that we think we deserve to be treated in the polar opposite way than we are treating the person on the other end of a transaction relationship.....

This is also the reason most products are cheap and faulty, the expectation of a buyer who will not pay.....
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A comment on my WDG ks video at youtube:

If kickstarter paid for this project to be created, why not offer the content for free? Is the goal to help others create substainable living places to live, or generate money for ones self? Workshops were paid to attend? Double dip I see.

First, I think you need to go check out kickstarter.   Kickstarter is not some generous entity that just pours money on all-the-things. People paid money to see the project completed and then get a copy.   In fact, those people paid money long before the product was complete.   Is it really fair to have them pay for it and others don't pay for it?

As to your "double dip":  I was never paid to teach that workshop.  So I guess you feel the need to make your point using false accusations?  That seems pretty wicked.  Wicked, nasty, ugly, mean, evil ... you, sir, are a festering piece of shit taking douchebaggery to new extremes.  Further, when I was there, I cooperated with the video people, but I was told that they were doing their own video project.

I think that if I choose to look past the nasty wickedness you are writing, and get on to where you are wanting to rudely butt your nose into my personal finances.  The kickstarter paid for the product to exist.  I could choose to make it free, but I don't.  First, I wish to respect my kickstarter supporters.  Second, I need that money to try to get other projects on video.  I see that in your post there is no concern for all the money that was burned for failed projects?    Or comments about how you want to chip in to cover these losses.  Yet lots and lots of people were paid for those, and that money was spent and never resulted in video projects that brought in anything.  And third:  a lot of people will never hear about this stuff or permaculture if we don't push things into commercial channels.   So, to reach those people, we have to come up with a commercial product.

And then there is the most important thing:   if you want this sort of content to be available for free, set up a workshop, arrange the video, editors, etc (for pay or other means) pay all the people that insist on being paid and then push it out there the way you think is best.   Leave me out of it.

Next up:  did you notice several DVDs worth of content that I have put up, for free, on youtube?  How about the free presentation I gave while I was teaching the workshop:

I did not get paid for that either.   But I did pay people to help me put the presentation together.

So what I see is that Jocelyn and I took a week off from my rather packed life and donated our time to help a lot of people with a lot of things.  Yet you don't say anything about that.    I think I spend massive tracts of my life giving stuff away for free.  And it seems millions of people like that stuff.   You forgot to thank me for that.  The funds that come in from what little income I have goes right out to others to make it so millions more can get stuff for free.   My taxable income is something like $3000 per year.  What is your taxable income mr. nosey?

Here is what I really see in your message:  I made something you want.  You don't want to pay for it.  You want me to give it to you for free, for no reason other than you want it.  So you whine and say nasty things in the hopes that somehow you will get it for free.  Or, you are just a fucking troll, writing shit in the hopes of getting a response and you can get the traction to say more nasty shit.  

So here is my question to you:   rather than living the life of a troll, trying to shame people into some sort of fucked up slavery within your twisted world, why don't you do something useful with your life?  

I have removed your tripe from my youtube video.  Thanks youtube for giving me a delete button.


Ignoring the douchebag for a moment, writing my ranty response did expose something interesting that is another angle of this thread.   The gift economy.  

I gave a lot of stuff away.  Including a mountain of advice to diego.   He was the powerhouse behind making that convergence happen.   And as the event itself had "issues" - I advised him on how to make an event that he would run.  Rather than a non-profit with a group of people that ultimately mess it all up, a for-shitty-profit venture.  He could charge a lot more money and bring in a lot bigger names than me.   He went right to work.   A year later, PV1 happened.  One of the greatest permaculture events to ever happen.  

Through a series of nutty events, I received the footage from the workshop.  

I gave a bunch of stuff without thinking of getting stuff back.   I got a lot of stuff back.  Probably not "THE" gift economy.   But it sorta is.

You can thank my dental hygienist for my untimely aliveness. So tiny:
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