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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
my plan to breed a perennial brassica
[ 1, 2 ]
55 Gilbert Fritz
Nancy Reading
perennial vegetables
Using Chickens to maintain a fallow? 2 Gilbert Fritz
Matt McSpadden
smokeless biochar retort, start with alcohol or propane? 5 Gilbert Fritz
William Bronson
how to keep ants from eating the bait on mouse traps? 4 Gilbert Fritz
Rebecca Norman
Shade Cloth inside or outside a greenhouse? 5 Gilbert Fritz
Monica Truong
a question for soil chemists about phosphorus 12 Gilbert Fritz
Mike Philips
building a new style of olla, will this work? 8 Gilbert Fritz
Robert Ray
can soil biology fix nutrient imbalance 22 Gilbert Fritz
John Suavecito
What will Ducks NOT eat? 14 Gilbert Fritz
Jason Avers
ducks and geese
My fan-coil active thermal mass greenhouse is finally operating!
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
93 Gilbert Fritz
John F Dean
Can I harvest these brassica seeds early and dry them under cover? 7 Gilbert Fritz
Garrett Schantz
seeds and breeding
what kind of worm bins work for you? 16 Gilbert Fritz
Annie Collins
Tree pruning question 3 Gilbert Fritz
Gilbert Fritz
Pebble mosaics—but without the cement 8 Gilbert Fritz
Melissa Ferrin
stone work
Experiment in using biochar as worm bin bedding 25 Gilbert Fritz
Ben Zumeta
Eggshells in a TLUD? 11 Gilbert Fritz
Redwood Rick
wood burning stoves
Anybody growing without irrigation?
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
197 Gilbert Fritz
Jules Silverlock
greening the desert
Do Skyscrapers have a place in a permaculture city? 38 Gilbert Fritz
Harry Anderson
city repair
when to prune peaches in Denver, CO? 1 Gilbert Fritz
Sena Kassim
making quality items out of inferior leather 4 Gilbert Fritz
Angela Wilcox
Felt boots out of existing felt 4 Gilbert Fritz
Carla Burke
animal fibers
Using perlite/ lime cement as insulation 9 Gilbert Fritz
alis yoder
natural building
are recycled tires a better replacement for sheet rubber? 0 Gilbert Fritz
Gilbert Fritz
question about lime putty 4 Gilbert Fritz
Phil Stevens
Thinning good or bad? 26 Gilbert Fritz
Jeff Hodgins
Crazy idea; burning portland cement based concrete in a lime kiln? 5 Gilbert Fritz
Daniel Schmidt
stone work
How to survive the year without a summer
[ 1, 2 ]
59 Gilbert Fritz
Kim Goodwin
brick path without sand base? 4 Gilbert Fritz
Jan White
stone work
A green roof—on the ground? 2 Gilbert Fritz
Gilbert Fritz
Published an essay based on one of my posts 7 Gilbert Fritz
Melissa Ferrin
tinkering with this site
clover in vegetables; what to be aware of 11 Gilbert Fritz
Douglas Alpenstock
So permies; what would you invest in?
[ 1, 2 ]
53 Gilbert Fritz
Jeff Marchand
financial strategy
Questions about the chemistry of building with alker 10 Gilbert Fritz
Gilbert Fritz
natural building
Hugelkulture failures 39 Gilbert Fritz
Layla Balali
Biochar in potting mix, your experience 15 Gilbert Fritz
Anne Miller
grommets in greenhouse plastic for attaching to wood? 9 Gilbert Fritz
Skandi Rogers
Disturbance, the natural, patterns vs principles in permaculture 5 Gilbert Fritz
Rachel Lindsay
ethics and philosophy
Help on a low cost greenhouse idea 7 Gilbert Fritz
Matt McSpadden
Delaying fruit tree flowering 12 Gilbert Fritz
Jamie Hart
Scaling up leaf curd, my progress 9 Gilbert Fritz
Gilbert Fritz
food preservation
a saga of cutworms and cornmeal 2 Gilbert Fritz
David Southall
drip vs. sprinkler 15 Gilbert Fritz
R. Han
small farm
Building a root cellar and ice house, pointers appreciated 11 Gilbert Fritz
Sherwood Botsford
root cellars
Lets do collaborative plant breeding! 12 Gilbert Fritz
Suzanne Diffine
seeds and breeding
wicking beds without gravel? 12 Gilbert Fritz
Robert Ray
greening the desert
Why are Jerusalem artichokes low carb and a good source of calories? 13 Gilbert Fritz
Marek Redburn
food choices
Is this metal rocket stove a good product? 2 Gilbert Fritz
Jeremy Baker
rocket stoves
New website discussing Christian community 25 Gilbert Fritz
Fred Frank V Bur
intentional community
Salt in thermal storage water? 7 Gilbert Fritz
Kenneth Elwell
Possible repurposed insulating materials for greenhouse use 2 Gilbert Fritz
Mike Haasl
Buried trash cans for compost? Any experience? 6 Gilbert Fritz
Mk Neal
How to find land for rent? 10 Gilbert Fritz
John F Dean
small farm
building a simple device to figure out solar angles: will this work? 4 Gilbert Fritz
Opalyn Rose
Woodland skills/ green woodworking for the West? 3 Gilbert Fritz
D Nikolls
permaculture salvage, tool repair, and blacksmith shop
[ 1, 2 ]
44 Gilbert Fritz
C. Letellier
sterilizing row covers to prevent pathogen carry-over? 5 Gilbert Fritz
bruce Fine
small farm
help designing a soaker hose irrigation system 5 Gilbert Fritz
Gilbert Fritz
urban gardening
passive cooling idea for row cover low tunnels 1 Gilbert Fritz
R Scott
When to plant Fall spinach 8 Gilbert Fritz
Hugo Morvan
gardening for beginners
type of fabric for mulch circles around trees? 1 Gilbert Fritz
Ethan Chandler