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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
Eye of the Tater 1 Catie George
Pearl Sutton
meaningless drivel
Getting people growing things - a small impact from sharing starts... 1 Catie George
William Bronson
Problems with Propagation of Persnickety Peppers 18 Catie George
Catie George
gardening for beginners
Newspaper litter and vermicomposting 6 Catie George
Ronnie Ugulano
Sneaky edibles -What are the most beautiful edibles in your garden? 11 Catie George
Mary Laird
meaningless drivel
How do you prioritize what you plant? 17 Catie George
Gary Numan
gardening for beginners
Anyone have experience or opinions about "EZ Log" type buildings? 13 Catie George
p alderdice
natural building
Fungus gnats - in the house 1 Catie George
Henry Jabel
How to spin poodle hair? 25 Catie George
Carla Burke
animal fibers
Environmentally friendly, native species transportation option 0 Catie George
Catie George
meaningless drivel
Gadgets that you don't need -but that save you money to own 32 Catie George
john mcginnis
Successes in a first year garden 10 Catie George
Catie George
gardening for beginners
Tips for first year-successful garden beds? What are your plans? 22 Catie George
Catie George
gardening for beginners
Best Last Minute, Clothes-You-Already-Own Halloween Costumes 5 Catie George
Ellendra Nauriel
meaningless drivel
Anyone grow amaranth as a grain? 3 Catie George
Catie George
grains and pseudograins
Good gluten free sandwich bread recipes? 5 Catie George
Sonja Draven
How do you mark plants/individual fruit for saving? 6 Catie George
Anne Miller
seeds and breeding
What are your favourite resources for food preservation? 22 Catie George
Sionainn CailĂ­s
food preservation
How long could you live alone? 27 Catie George
John F Dean
meaningless drivel
Catie attempts to watercolour 1 Catie George
Anne Pratt
Overwhelmed by beginning fungi info 5 Catie George
S Bengi
What plants do you ID by scent? 15 Catie George
Heather Sharpe
meaningless drivel
Gah!!! Something is eating my flour corn 8 Catie George
Catie George
When are maxima squash ripe? 2 Catie George
Ellendra Nauriel
gardening for beginners
Anyone else in a drought this year? 23 Catie George
Catie George
ulcer factory
How I store onions 8 Catie George
Marco Banks
food preservation
Musing about diversity of food and health 2 Catie George
Heidi Schmidt
food as medicine
Want to move. The neighbours are too nice. 31 Catie George
Fred Frank V Bur
meaningless drivel
Women's clothes... buy it for life? What are your favourites?
[ 1, 2 ]
68 Catie George
May Lotito
buy it for life
Anyone own or recommend a grain mill? 36 Catie George
Bethany Dutch
What are your favourite salad greens? 3 Catie George
Mk Neal
food choices
Ideal grain size curve for garden soil- is there one? 5 Catie George
Bryant RedHawk
What fungi is this? 2 Catie George
Dennis Bangham
The strange case of the disappearing tomato plants... 9 Catie George
Shawn Foster
"Bitters" - history, uses, etc? 19 Catie George
Bonnie Kuhlman
medicinal herbs
Canadian sources for bulk gluten free flour? 5 Catie George
Roy Hinkley
food choices
What fruit trees produce fastest? 10 Catie George
Scott Stiller
fruit trees
Easy fencing for dogs in town? 3 Catie George
Annie Collins
dogs and cats
Best planting calendar planners based on frost date? 8 Catie George
Catie George
gardening for beginners
E-bikes - thoughts, opinions?
[ 1, 2 ]
55 Catie George
Jay Angler
Timing your garden for pickling/canning 11 Catie George
Joseph Lofthouse
gardening for beginners
What's in your first aid kit? 9 Catie George
Ruth Meyers
personal care
Keto - "mid afternoon pick me up" 10 Catie George
Lee Gee
Alternatives to "How are you feeling?" 8 Catie George
Amy Francis
Quoting multiple people... 0 Catie George
Catie George
tinkering with this site
Anyone grow tomatos indoors over the winter? 5 Catie George
Catie George
gardening for beginners
My mother wants to move in. Should I buy a house? 7 Catie George
Joylynn Hardesty
Pickling questions.... 6 Catie George
Catie George
food preservation
What are your earliest vegetables? 17 Catie George
Morfydd St. Clair
gardening for beginners
Landscaping a steep cut backyard slope? 5 Catie George
Catie George
Drought tolerant berries for very shallow poor soil? 16 Catie George
Catie George
NY times article about issues and challenges of modern plant breeding 1 Catie George
Artie Scott
seeds and breeding
Introduction - Turning a planted woodlot into a 'real' forest 6 Catie George
Catie George
Dog grooming- frugality and potential rural income source 5 Catie George
Dan Boone
cottage industry
Chokeberry jam recipe? 3 Catie George
Catie George
food preservation