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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
Refrigerator that doesn't use power - could we build this? 22 Bethany Dutch
Jordan Holland
food preservation
41F looking for friend or more in either WA or MO/KY 5 Bethany Dutch
Jr. Gibson
permaculture singles
Is this common? Went off-grid, have now become a pariah :(
[ 1, 2 ]
51 Bethany Dutch
John C Daley
Inventions you wish existed or think someone should make - drop your ideas here!
[ 1, 2 ]
41 Bethany Dutch
Davin Hoyt
cottage industry
38 DWF in NE WA state looking for the Hawkeye to my Cora 19 Bethany Dutch
Julie Harris
permaculture singles
Anybody use a bucket toilet?
[ 1, 2 ]
71 Bethany Dutch
Stacey Lindsey
toilet alternatives
So - what happens when we run out of oil?
[ 1, 2 ]
47 Bethany Dutch
Creighton Samuels
ethics and philosophy
Hatching abandoned eggs without an incubator 13 Bethany Dutch
Jay Angler
Lemon trees in Montana or anyplace normally too cold for citrus. 31 Bethany Dutch
Nick Neufeld
I figured out a FAST way to sift bran out of home-ground flour without hand sifting! 6 Bethany Dutch
R Scott
An automatic/ drill powered homeground flour sifter? 7 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
Roadtrip to the MO Ozarks to see if I want to live there 25 Bethany Dutch
Kenner David Lynn
What's your Instagram? 19 Bethany Dutch
Flora Eerschay
meaningless drivel
do beets HAVE to taste like dirt?
[ 1, 2 ]
57 Bethany Dutch
Sionainn CailĂ­s
Could a compost pile generate a little heat for months at a time? 7 Bethany Dutch
Susan Wakeman
RMH/masonry stove builders in the Eastern WA area? 5 Bethany Dutch
Fox James
rocket mass heaters
Tell me about your root cellar - what do you love/hate? How big is it? 3 Bethany Dutch
Mike Haasl
food preservation
Help me design this: small constructed "Root cellar" type thing (when a real one isn't an option) 9 Bethany Dutch
John Pollard
food preservation
Wire Shelving Rabbit Cage Build 10 Bethany Dutch
Dawn Staszak
Our world, energy-wise, in 300+ years 23 Bethany Dutch
Eric Hanson
ulcer factory
Clutter madness vs. zero waste - where's the balance? 27 Bethany Dutch
Joseph Lofthouse
zero waste
Why weren't pioneer homesteaders obese? 18 Bethany Dutch
George Bastion
100+ bags of leaves this fall 10 Bethany Dutch
Cindy Loos
What ONE broody hen & her babies can do to your mulch... before & after 1 Bethany Dutch
Lucrecia Anderson
Planning for resale - which property developments will pay a return? 17 Bethany Dutch
Anne Miller
permaculture real estate
Is there a market for ready-to-go intentional community setups? (IE, real estate w/ homes & stuff) 3 Bethany Dutch
Dylan Gillies
Would it be odd for a parent to move across the country after the last kid leaves the nest? 11 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
Build a standalone root cellar or dirt floor basement? 5 Bethany Dutch
Nina Jay
food preservation
Getting "man jobs" done as a single woman homesteader 23 Bethany Dutch
Mark Brunnr
Teach your dog to fetch firewood from the woods 2 Bethany Dutch
Dale Hodgins
dogs and cats
Is this normal for a Permie? Re: marriage
[ 1, 2 ]
61 Bethany Dutch
Gail Gardner
Red flags & Dealbreakers 19 Bethany Dutch
Marco Banks
permaculture singles
Food scrap chute from kitchen to outdoor pile 13 Bethany Dutch
Chris Kott
My mushrooms in a pile-o-straw project 3 Bethany Dutch
Daniel Tura
My experiment - 3-4 foot tall stumps in the garden 11 Bethany Dutch
Tim Kivi
Keeping chickens out when you have a fishing line fence for deer? 4 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
Chicken foot is swollen but no bumblefoot! 1 Bethany Dutch
James Freyr
Breeding a purple russet potato from seeds 10 Bethany Dutch
Andrew Barney
seeds and breeding
best big Amaranth for popping? 0 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
Planting fruit trees in what is now the veg garden... problems? 14 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
fruit trees
Turning old brush piles into hugelkultur...? 16 Bethany Dutch
Matthew Rupert
Ruth Stout Hay mulch - why do you fluff the hay? 5 Bethany Dutch
Bryant RedHawk
Selling digital downloads on Etsy 9 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
residual income streams
Black Locust (?) Living Fence plus fuel for RMH 4 Bethany Dutch
Marco Banks
Soaking the grains for feed 23 Bethany Dutch
Dave Dahlsrud
Goat boredom, pasture and fencing 4 Bethany Dutch
Katy Whitby-last
goats and sheep
Post pictures of your setup! 0 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
Volunteer cucurbit in my humanure pile... eat it? 10 Bethany Dutch
chip sanft
Growing your own plant starts without electricity? 19 Bethany Dutch
Tim Jansen
gardening for beginners
Where to plant what on your hugel 0 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
Can you make your own veneer rock? Hypertufa maybe? 13 Bethany Dutch
Jay C. White Cloud
stone work
Need help planning my hugel-type vegetable garden! 6 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
Training your dog for laborious farm tasks 2 Bethany Dutch
Tracy Kuykendall
dogs and cats
most economical way to get started? 5 Bethany Dutch
chris felton
honey bees
Eating Paleo/Primal when you are off grid & without a fridge...? 3 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
HoneyCrisp + Fuji apple cross? Anyone? 3 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
Swales without excavation? 10 Bethany Dutch
Bethany Dutch
forest garden
Clearing garden area by inoculating stumps? 5 Bethany Dutch
John Suavecito
Women: Let's talk about composting toilets & monthlies... 6 Bethany Dutch
Wyatt Barnes
toilet alternatives
Okay what is the QUICKEST natural building method?
[ 1, 2 ]
56 Bethany Dutch
Marcin Jakubowski
natural building