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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
Rocket forge 17 Robert Ray
Monica Truong
rocket stoves
48 volt water heating element 26 Robert Ray
Nicolas Keeton
Blending permaculture with my Non-profit Park Project 19 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
Topping tomatoes 4 Robert Ray
Douglas Alpenstock
Spin welding fittings on an IBC or rain barrel 2 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
rainwater catchment
Tincture under vacuum 9 Robert Ray
Carla Burke
medicinal herbs
Bread and Butter Pepper pickle 1 Robert Ray
Anne Miller
Things that have no answers 1 Robert Ray
Dennis Goyette
meaningless drivel
umeboshi, saladitos salted plums 2 Robert Ray
r ranson
food preservation
Solar panel score 4 Robert Ray
michele ring
Land ownership and permaculture
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
151 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
intentional community
Food warmer to dehydrator 2 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
Daikon radish cover crop 5 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
cover crops
Canning bread 3 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
food preservation
Thynopyrum intermedium 2 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
grains and pseudograins
Planting my sprouting seeds 2 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
seeds and breeding
I'm rich 4 Robert Ray
L. Johnson
zero waste
building block beer bottle 11 Robert Ray
Anne Miller
natural building
COOP farm land ownership 4 Robert Ray
R Marr
transition towns
Favorite multi tool? 20 Robert Ray
Jay Angler
School of Ranch 0 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
dehumidifier to olla 2 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
greening the desert
I'm thinking about incorporating this in my rain collection system 23 Robert Ray
Jay Angler
meaningless drivel
Manual food processor? 16 Robert Ray
Jan White
Nomad Charlie Boy 30 Robert Ray
Joylynn Hardesty
meaningless drivel
Every day carry, what's in your pocket?
[ 1, 2 ]
63 Robert Ray
Don Fini
Hemp fiber 2 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
ulcer factory
Forest fire smoke 1 Robert Ray
E.L. Dunn
meaningless drivel
espalier under glass 1 Robert Ray
John C Daley
fruit trees
Greenhouse wiggle wire thumb tool. 3 Robert Ray
Eric Hroboni
Chokecherries 1 Robert Ray
Stacy Witscher
fruit trees
mullein seeds 29 Robert Ray
Blake Lenoir
resources: seeds, plants, honey, consulting, etc.
Adult lincoln logs 2 Robert Ray
alex moss
tiny house
ancient threads of things that harm bees 12 Robert Ray
Kaarina Kreus
honey bees
Bean variety "Frost" 1 Robert Ray
Christopher Weeks
Whole permaculture tool catalog 0 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
meaningless drivel
Einkorn and celiac disease 20 Robert Ray
William Kellogg
food as medicine
How to develop an empirical data base on Permacultures successes 2 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
science and research
Crandalberry? Mystery berry 9 Robert Ray
Greg Martin
Zucchini flour 7 Robert Ray
Rebecca Norman
Trailer awning cold frame? 2 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
Where do I belong? When does one become indigenous? 16 Robert Ray
D Tucholske
ethics and philosophy
Is the current housing similar to the 1930's or is it something else 17 Robert Ray
D Tucholske
ethics and philosophy
Moved . 0 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
meaningless drivel
Permaculture non-profit dreaming 6 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
carboy cloche 8 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
gardening for beginners
The coffee ritual 27 Robert Ray
Vicky Barton
meaningless drivel
Hiraeth to me, what does it mean to you? 5 Robert Ray
Judson Carroll
meaningless drivel
When can I say I'm living a permaculture lifestyle? 32 Robert Ray
Rachel Lindsay
Oregon Insanity, could this be true? 13 Robert Ray
John Suavecito
Elf on the shelf 10 Robert Ray
Deedee Dezso
meaningless drivel
Exercise equipment 16 Robert Ray
Nathan Stephanson
meaningless drivel
Wicking Hugel bed experiment 2 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
Insta-pot skyrr 0 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
Urine as fertilizer
[ 1, 2 ]
51 Robert Ray
fernando ribeiro
Community greenhouse/allotments 0 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
Wicking bed in greenhouse. 10 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
Seed Library 0 Robert Ray
Robert Ray
seeds and breeding
First season of nuts from hazelnuts 3 Robert Ray
Trace Oswald